This Missing Scene Of ‘Tamasha’ Reveals What Actually Ranbir Did After His Break-Up

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4:03 pm 24 Jun, 2016


Boys will be boys. 

Tell me your heart went out to poor Ved after seeing his heart ripped into pieces after his break-up. Tell me you taunted your boyfriend saying he’d never love you as deeply as Ved did.

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Well, if you did, time to take your words back. Turns out, Ranbir reacted just the way all guys do.

Remember the scene where he was seated with his friends and one of them takes him out to get him out of his blue mood? Turns out, the friend takes him to a shady pub in Delhi where Ranbir finds himself seated in front of a hot, typical Delhi girl.

The girl acts pricey while Ranbir works his charm, convincing us how all boys are similar in the end.

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Watch the missing scene here!



Thank You Imitiaz for deleting this scene and letting us live in our bubble.

I really don’t mind not seeing how ”all boys are same”!

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