These 9 Rib-tickling Memes Sum Up Celebs’ Reactions After Watching ‘Tamasha’

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8:40 pm 30 Nov, 2015


‘Tamasha’ isn’t a typical love story between a boy and a girl. It’s a complex tale between Ranbir (Ved) and his lost-found personalities, which leaves everyone’s mind drained and exhausted in the end. The Ramayana plot mixed with Ved’s  childhood memories makes the plot more messy, and Deepika Padukone was too underutilised. I  found myself looking discontent and doubting Imitiaz’s unique story-telling ability. His magic was missing, so was his honesty. We miss those ‘Jab We Met’ days.

Just to make the confusing atmosphere funnier, we imagined how celebs would react after watching ‘Tamasha’. Believe me, they are far more entertaining than the movie.

1. Virat Kohli would find it hard to understand the plot

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2. Narendra Modi was disappointed too

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3. Ranveer also watched the movie. Somehow.


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4. Alia Bhatt has changed for the right reasons

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After watching the movie

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5. Soniaji also regrets watching this movie


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6. KRK cannot stop himself as well

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Even, we didn’t get it

7. Salman has something important to say

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8. Arnab Goswami actually knows why this movie will do well

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We got it, now

9. Sometimes critics do make sense. Sometimes.



We couldn’t agree more.



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