10 Life Lessons ‘Tamasha’ Taught Us That We Will Remember All Our Lives

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Updated on 4 Dec, 2015 at 9:38 pm


The movie hall darkened. I sat through the trailers and slide advertisements without serenity, eagerly gazing at the aperture in the projection room. After a few moments of impatience, ‘Tamasha’ began and the artless atmosphere inside the hall was replaced by the stirring safarnama of Imitiaz Ali’s depth and magic.

As the movie progressed, it accumulated a series of unanswered questions in everybody’s mind but the climax proved to be the vantage point of all the uncertainties. Deepika’s charisma and Ranbir’s purity redoubled our excitement with every scene and their irresistible pairing once again shined.

Every movie has its life but ‘Tamasha’ breathed on these beautiful lessons of life:



1. Never let your childhood interests die out

You created your own little world, sitting alone at the last desk and wondering what lies beyond the algebraic formulas and scientific theories. But as you grew up, your world was submerged by the idiotic ideologies that society forced you to follow. It’s time to reignite those dreams.

2. No matter how hard you try, you cannot run away from who you are

All the layers of your personality are unique but sometimes, your insecurities overpower your individuality. You have got to realize that your ‘self’ was born with you and it cannot be detached. Never.


3. It’s never too late; you can always the change the end of your story

The beginning might have been bound by rules and your dreams got tangled mid-way, but my friend, you still have time to do what you always wanted to. Just don’t let the fear win this time.


4. You must travel alone to explore your personality

Traveling alone is must for everyone. Riding away from all the digital distractions and enjoying your own company is a blissful state. Also, you’ll learn a lot about yourself in a way that’s simply impossible in the midst of that 9 to 5 hectic job.


5. Love comes and goes from your life when you least expect it

Love comes, you cannot hold it and when it goes, it is impossible to stop. And the time you enjoyed in the middle, will be remembered forever. The moments of love, thought they become old and lacklustre, never escape from your deepest memories.


6. The more you try to silence your heart, the more you will suffer

What the heart wants, the heart wants. It is as simple as that. The suffering commences when you ignore its calling and all those imaginary fears of the s0-called consequences reach your mind; finally, your heart, tired of yelling, decides to sleep.


7. There is always that one person who can change your life unexpectedly

That one person holds some spiritual power and his actions, his timings are so perfect that you find it so hard to stay away from them and love burns between you two, even brighter than the sunshine.


8. Parents should encourage their children to follow their passion

Parents need to understand that every child is unique and possesses a different talent just like everyone else. He may not succeed in one particular field but will definitely win if he follows his passion.

9. Whatever is meant to be, will happen anyways

Everyone is written. If two people are meant to be together, no matter where they are and how they are, they will eventually get each other.

10. Everybody has dreams and sometimes, all they need is a push

From your bus conductor to your maid, everyone has dreams and it’s our duty to encourage them to change their lives. All they lack is support.

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