Tamannaah Bhatia Blasted A Media House For Misquoting Her

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7:12 pm 7 Mar, 2018


With the rise of social media, everyone is taking on to this platform to voice their opinions, concerns, complaints and bashing.  Something similar happened with actress Tamannaah Bhatia who has played a role in mega hit movie ‘Baahubali’.


Bhatia took to Twitter to slam a media house for misquoting her. She started with a thin veil on what is to come next and then by the end of it went on a full-throttle blast and proved that she is livid about the false information published in her name.



After much questioning around, it was found out that a newspaper has published an interview with the actress. In the interview, it was mentioned that the actress opened up about her personal life, her acting career and has allegedly said ‘it is not as easy as it looks.’ Simultaneously, another publication called out the actress for her ‘sympathy rant’ during the earlier interview.



The original interview quoted Bhatia saying that:

“I’ve been in cinema for 15 years and working hard without break. I am unable to eat what I want to, and always work hard to maintain my body and looks. Sometimes strenuous workouts and hectic schedules keep me on my toes. I envy other women who have a free lifestyle. People think actresses have fame and money, but they are not aware of the difficulties we undergo. People should understand that we are sacrificing so much for our survival.”



Condemning the yellow journalism, Bhatia made a mark in the industry and in the media publication that was much-needed for a long time.

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