Spanish Superfast Train Talgo Might Soon Run On Old Indian Tracks

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6:46 pm 6 Aug, 2015

You’ll soon see a beautiful train locomotive speeding along the tracks between Delhi and Mumbai. Passengers of this train will reach either destination, approximately 1,400 kms apart, in just 12 hours. It currently takes around 17 hours in a Rajdhani.

Positive vibes from India’s government means that Spanish locomotive manufacturer Talgo will only have to wait for an official green signal to conduct trial runs of the trains.



According to Economic Times, Talgo said they will begin trials by November this year and bear all costs and risks themselves.


What is worth noting is that introducing Talgo trains, which have a maximum speed of 220 kms per hour, won’t require any overhauling of the existing Indian railway tracks.

Talgo said it will look at increasing the speed of the train without changing track infrastructure.



Talgo is also looking to open a manufacturing hub in India especially after the Indian Railways’ decision to infuse approximately Rs.8000 crore into the industry.

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