10 Awesome Talents Of Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

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10:00 am 21 Feb, 2015


This icon has many followers whose faith is unfathomable. He is the spiritual leader who claims to have talents, which a common man works for years to polish.

1. He could win Gold in the Olympics

He claims proficiency in 32 sports. How could IOC miss this talent? It saves both their time and effort in short-listing sportsmen.

Gold in Olympics


2. Our own spiritual superhero

He was suspended from a height of 30 ft. during a concert and swung himself from an 8ft. high wall. This unmatched talent could even make reel-life Krrish shudder.

3. He is the spiritual Bhappi Lahiri


His talent in fashion designing might make your eyes burn. Those flamboyant color combinations and stone-studded clothes may give you a déjà vu of the golden king, Bhappi Lahiri.

4. He is the winner of Masterchef All Seasons

Watch out Sanjeev Kapoor! Guruji is said to have CREATED a delectable range of recipes! So, Guruji, when are you starting your chain of restaurants?

5. He can write films, make films, act in films

We have witnessed his film-making talent, with his debut movie MSG, and we know what the outcome was. Even the film critics ran out of words to review MESSenger of God.

6. You are obese, he is just healthy

He is said to have devised dietary plans to treat obesity, but why didn’t he think of creating one for himself?

7. He could be a Grammy contender

Guruji claims to be a lyricist, music director and singer, with no professional learning. Beethoven and Mozart would be glad they were born in the classical period.

8. His talent comes AUTOmatically

His passion for automotive designs and automobile rallies must make the Honda’s worry. Well, he might soon launch a range of his own.

9. A style icon for the youth

Guruji claims to be a culture and style icon, which youth love. I rest my case, here!

10. He is a doctor, not by degree


His claims of being an expert psychologist and a yoga instructor proficient in making Ayurvedic drugs, makes you wonder why such exemplar of talent has gone unnoticed by Nobel.