Security Scare At Taj Mahal As Drone Spotted Flying Over Monument

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12:50 pm 12 Nov, 2016

The police on Friday were sent into a tizzy after a drone was spotted over the Taj Mahal. The drone flew for some minutes over the restricted areas of the iconic monument before disappearing out of sight.

Visitors at the Taj Mahal spotted it and reported the same to the authorities, who then sprang into action. By evening, a US national named Ryan was detained by authorities for questioning.


Amos Chappel/Rex Photos

Image used for representational purpose only. Amos Chappel/Rex Photos

According to reports Ryan arrived in Agra on Thursday and booked a hotel. It was from the roof of the hotel from where he launched the drone.

Police could not trace the drone after it disappeared from over the skies at Taj Mahal. The police was able to find Ryan when he launched the drone at around 6 pm in the evening from near Hathi Ghat.

Upon questioning, the police found that Ryan works at an IT company in the US. They gave him a clean chit after they were convinced that Ryan was not associated with any suspicious activities. The police has also informed the US embassy.

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