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This 42-Year-Old Taiwanese Designer Is The Latest Internet Sensation, She Is Just Ageless

Updated on 29 August, 2018 at 1:22 pm By

Someone rightly said that age is just a number!


A 42-year-old designer from Taiwan has given the world new age goals. Lure Hsu looks like a teenage girl and carries it all with perfection. She believes that age has left her untouched. Reason – she drinks a lot of water and eats green vegetables, now a part of her daily routine.

This Fashionista is the latest internet sensation and has stunned thousands of people with her flawless skin.

Lure Hsu is 41-years old


Lure, who is an interior designer, first got noticed by the public due to her younger sister, Sharon Hsu. Sharon, 35, is an actress, who invited Lure to attend an entertainment show with her in 2015. Later, Sharon shared a post on Facebook to celebrate Lure’s 40th birthday. Her fans were shocked to discover Lure’s real age.  They said that because of her wrinkle-free face and stylish looks, she appeared like a teenager.

Lure shared her pictures on social media which are now being shared by thousands of people


After her pictures emerged on social media, she quickly became popular. Tens of thousands of people rushed to her social media accounts. Lure’s Instagram account now has almost 230,000 followers, while her Facebook account has been liked by more than 341,000 people. Her fans on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, is over 340,000.

Lure has become the latest social media sensation



The “assumed to be teenager” Lure shared selfies as well as pictures showing her active leisure life. This week, Lure’s pictures were again widely shared by media in China and Taiwan, and people are now calling her “The goddess with a frozen age”.

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