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unusual News

Would You Really Buy This Awkwardly Amateurish Mother’s Day Gift By Pornhub?

Mothers Day is approaching near and thus begins the hunt for the best ever gift to make your mother feel happy. This year, Pornhub has got something really unusual for you. They have come up with a state-of-the-art virtual reality glasses curated specially for all mothers. Pornhub’s ‘Mommy’s Special Glasses’ come […]

10 Unusual Flowers You Will Have Never Seen

They're rare, striking and strange.


8 Lesser-Known Places In India That Follow Bizarre Customs

India has many villages and each village follows rituals, customs and traditions that are not known to a lot of people. It is interesting to know that despite us being in the 21st century, certain age-old traditions still persist. Let’s refresh our knowledge with a few facts of our country […]