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Top 5 Wrestlers Who We Want to See ASAP in WWE

In its 61 years, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has seen some of the most powerful men in the world compete for gold and glory. From the most unthinkable of gimmicks to the most charismatic of men, the largest wrestling promotion in the world has created and shown it all.

Top 10 famous movies of Tom Cruise

Culled from his 80s blockbuster to 90s super hit movies along with 2000s great films, here is the top 10 best Tom Cruise movies. Let’s stroll down, shall we?

Top Most Characters of Mahabharata

We're counting down top 10 characters of Mahabharata with cognition of Yato Dharma Tato Jayah (where there is righteousness, there shall be victory). May these characters inspire you!

Top 10 cult music bands

Trying to think of a top ten from so many great cult music bands down the years is very difficult as the list could just as easily be a top 100 or even a top 500 to fit all the great bands from the past and the present.

Top 10 medical schools in the world

In today’s competitive world, where skill and talent of only the highest degree is valued, professional aspirants, especially medical students must realise that their selection of college plays an imperative role in developing their doctoral faculty. They will have to deal with the responsibility to handle thousands of human lives […]

the sound of music

Top 10 movies to watch with your family

Movies are a great source of entertainment and they have also become a highly vivid and articulate form of expression now days. Since the time when movies began to be made they have fallen into many different genres. One of the most entertaining of all known movie genres is family […]