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The Notebook

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Top 10 Romantic Movies That Actually Suck

Top 10 Romantic Movies That Actually Suck

However, when you meet the unexpected in the movie theater just after you have invested your hard earned dollars in the picture ticket, you die a stone cold death in a matter of few minutes. There are some romantic movies which can make you bleed dry, really! And they are known as....

14 Movies That Can Make Even A Dude Cry

There’s no shame in crying. There’s no shame for guys to cry. They just don’t always think they should cry. It’s an outdated social notion. The power of the moving image can evoke a profound emotional reaction from any person, man or woman.

Top 10 Sad Movies That Make You Cry a River

Movies have always been a medium of entertainment for the people worldwide. There are different genres of movies. Apart from the regular movies with blissful endings, there is a section of films that are based around glum themes. The motive of such movies is not to inject gloomy feelings in the heart of an audience.

Top 10 Love Stories Based Movies That Make You Cry

Love stories make you smile, soothe your soul, cause you to dream and often make you cry! Look around there will certainly be a love story or two budding amidst two souls. It has been observed that there is an unmistakable and unfading appeal to stories of love but what is it which makes the entire world a sucker for a good love story?