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the godfather

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Top 10 Movies of Marlon Brando You Can’t Refuse to Watch

Very few actors have impacted world cinema in a way the legendary actor from Omaha, US did. Marlon Brando, widely known for his on-screen magnetism and “mumbling” diction is regarded as one of the greatest actors born in the 20th century.

The New York Of The Godfather Looks Very Different Now

Most of the shooting of The Godfather was done in New York. The legendary film has made the shooting locations a Mecca for its fans. A location scout goes around the Big Apple to discover what is left of those unforgettable sites and discovers a touch of nostalgia in the […]

8 Best Dressed Gangsters In Hollywood Movies

8 Best Dressed Gangsters In Hollywood Movies

We love the films for their stories, for the grand and realistic sets, the costumes—yes, the costumes, which are enough to give life and dignity to any character (you can also call the costumes the best feature of Hollywood films)!

15 Best Catchphrases in WWE History

Wrestling fans love their favorite superstars uttering a simple catchphrase. Over the years we have seen many wrestlers rise to fame due to their simple yet effective catchphrases.

Top 10 Movie Characters You Want as Best Friends

Friends, in general, help us tackle bad situations that we come across, but all of us have this deep desire of having a friend who would take all our problems away and make our life easy and special.

Top 10 most famous bachelors of the world

Famous bachelors from across the world have always inspired their buffs to stay single. And indeed, sometime it feels that folks who write about fairytales of marital life don't have any goddam clue about the actual mechanism of married life. With the spirit of helping out, TopYaps is listing ten famous bachelors of the world who decided to skip the "I do" step.

Top 10 lessons from The Godfather

If you haven't seen The Godfather, move ahead and imbibe it. And if you've seen it, you can learn overplus of lessons by enwrapping your little pea brains. Here, TopYaps is offering Top 10 lessons from The Godfather you can't refuse.