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Technology News

Technology News News

Here We Will See How Russia Proton-M Rocket Veered Off His Path And Exploded Minutes After Launch

Here We Will See How Russian Proton-M Rocket Veered Off Its Path And Exploded Minutes After Launch

This Russian proton-M rocket was flying with a communication satellite which exploded just a few minutes after launch. Play the video below and watch the nasty accident that failed one of the world’s greatest powers before entering into orbit.     Credit: RT via You Tube official channel

Best 3 Cydia Tweeks For Messaging/Keyboard

Best 3 Cydia Tweaks For Messaging/Keyboard

Here comes the top 3  free marvelous messaging/keyboard tweaks with enhanced smileys to chit-chat with your friends, specially launched for audience who spend most of  their time doing sms. Have a look:- 3. BiteSMS: BiteSMS is the best application provided by cydia for text messaging. You can instantly reply to any […]

Best 3 Cydia Lock Screen Tweeks

Best 3 Cydia Lock Screen Tweaks

Have you tried this superb cydia Lock Screen tweaks for your iPhone ? If no than try it once and experience an inclusive way to lock your screen and applications. This tweak is different enough to make your device more appealing with this functionality. Have a look:- 3. AnyLockApp: Price: […]

9 Coolest Android Apps

9 Coolest Android Apps

Android market is now Google Play. Review the best android applications in the market with its wide variety in app-store. We have listed some coolest android apps that are downloaded a lot by the audience. Have a look :- 9. Google Newsstand: If you are looking for beautiful news magazines […]

windows 8 features

Best 8 Windows 8 Features

We have picked the 8 best features of windows 8 that will enhance microsoft new launch operating system to roll up its business in markets.Take a look below and enjoy this article:- 8. Touch Screen Password To Unlock: The Microsoft has demonstrate a new feature to unlock the password using […]

iphone antivirus

6 Best Antivirus To Prevent Your iPhone From Evils

Welcome to our most objective site you will find regarding iPhone antivirus, iPhone Firewalls and all related iPhone security. Here are all the best gathered information to seek the best security tools for iPhone to make users safe from evils that can harm there device. 6. Lookout Antivirus: Free: Yes […]

google glass facts

7 Interesting Facts Of Google Glass You Should Know

              Its been more than an year since Google started pastering which is called ” Project Glass “.In 13 months, Glass has gone from Star Trek fantasy to reality. It’s been quite the whirlwind of activity. The “wearable computing” age was depended upon us, and it’s […]