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Tech news

Tech news News

Rising nanotechnologies

Top 5 Rising Nanotechnologies

In almost every unshakable industries nano-technology has entered along with its wide spread technological goals. This technology is used with the help of atoms and molecules and also referred to as molecular nanotechnology. Here are some of the assembled rising nanotechnologies which is in greater demand these days while some of […]

5 Incredible Things You Can Make With 3D Printers

5 Awesome Things You Can Make With 3D Printers

A new industrial revolution is coming which will set all its benchmarks in the line of digital technology which is 3D Printing. Wheather its car, house, shoes, food, art or anything which your creative mind can think, it wont take much time to even build that. Have a look towards […]

11 Best Apple iOS 7 Features

Apple’s new operating system iOS7 is the biggest change in the iPhone since this amazing gadget was launched. This latest version of Apple’s iOS software with its biggest change since apple iPhone was introduced has attracted many tech companies. The new as well as upgraded features include :- 11. Multitasking: […]