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7 Bollywood Movies Known For Setting Fashion Trends

7 Bollywood Movies Known For Setting Fashion Trends

Some movies definitely take the lead when it comes to influencing styles and fashion. Here are 7 Bollywood movies known for setting fashion trends.

Top 10 Runway Looks From New York Fashion Week

We bring you a list of 10 runway looks that are a culmination of the best of design, style, fashion and colors and they are sure to be trend setters.

Top 10 Best-Looking Passports

Passport is issued by any country to its residents as a legal document that validates his/her international travel and also acts as a proof of citizenship. All the countries in the world have distinctive passports that vary in design.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Living in a Society Obsessed with Brands

In today’s day and age there are brands for everything imaginable. We are obsessed with the brands around us. We can’t live without them and even judge others by the brands they use.

Top 10 Swiss watch companies you should know

Top 10 Swiss Watch Companies You Should Know

Swiss watches carry their own name and reputation. It is surprising to see that a country as small as Switzerland can produce so many amazing watch companies. Their unrivaled quality has always set them apart from the rest of the world in so many ways.

Top 10 Fashion Tips For Boys

When boys reach a certain age, their appearance starts to speak for them. How a boy dresses is a tell-tale sign of his level of maturity, intelligence and demeanor. A boy who displays his ill-concern for proper and neat attire will be judged as someone who is immature.