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Top 10 Tips to Become a Successful Sales Representative

What does it take to be a good sales representative? Is it just a degree from a college? Does it need interpersonal skills, and if so, what are those?

Top 10 Tips to Make Your Content Go Viral

Those who are into online publishing understand the importance of creating viral content – content that is a runaway hit with a particular audience. Hit content ensures more revenue returns. Those who create content want it to be a sensation on the internet.

Top 10 Tips to Become a Powerful Orator

Great orators like Socrates, Winston Churchill, Jawaharlal Nehru, Abraham Lincoln, and Swami Vivekananda gave speeches that left the audience spell bound and truly elated. They seemed to have the talent as an inborn gift, which cannot be replicated by anyone and everyone.

Top 10 Books for the Angsty Teenager

Teenage behavior is always irksome. Though they are full of life, their sudden hormonal upheaval, and stress from studies, resorts them into being a rebellion or depressed. They make their parents lose their sleep. It is one of the most important phases in one’s life.