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sound News

Sydney Scientist Make A Breakthrough, Store Light As Sound Waves For First Time

A scientific discovery that changes computing power....

Top 10 Loudest Animals In The World

There are many animals, birds and even insects that can make much louder sounds than that. Sometimes animals use these sounds as mating songs while at other times they use them to scare away rivals. Whatever be the reason, when it comes to making a racket, these animals top the list.

Top 10 Headphone Manufacturers in the World

For the taste of your ears, we've listed some of the most trusted headphone manufacturers across the world.

Top 10 Ways to Defend Yourself After Farting in a Group of Three

You can try but not always succeed in letting out and you know that. Defending yourself after farting is not easy but it’s the best thing to do even if you don’t fully succeed!

Top 10 reasons to buy iPhone 5

With Apple unveiling its much anticipated iPhone 5 to the world there is just one question on every one’s mind ‘Would iPhone 5 be able to force the same kind of frenzy as its predecessors?’ Well the initial reactions certainly suggest an answer in the affirmative.