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Google+ video

Even This Video Explaining The Failure Of Google+ Drew Inspiration From Facebook

Tell us, honestly, how many times have you posted something on Google+? The Google guys are great, no doubt. But when it comes to social networking, can anyone beat Facebook?

Top 10 Ways Technology Has Made Our Lives Easier

Since time immemorial, all of man’s efforts have been directed at one thing: making life easier. Be it the wheel, the light bulb, the telephone or a host of other advancements, the intent has never changed – make oneself more comfortable and reduce workload.

Top 10 Ways To Become a Pseudo-intellectual

It is a tough task to distinguish and differentiate between an intellectual and a pseudo-intellectual. Both seem knowledgeable and articulate at the same time. A pseudo-intellectual is someone who pretends to be someone else in an attempt to outsmart everyone.

Top 10 Common Topics Indian People Discuss in General

Indians across the globe are known for their chit-chat talent. Indians seem to stretch some common topics as farther as possible. To know about such blabs, scroll down and explore the list.

Top 10 celebrities to follow on Twitter

In a way Twitter has brought the world of celebrities closer to their fans and some celebrities have amassed a huge fan following on the site. It has also become a major promotional medium for many celebrities and events. Today when almost every celebrity has an active Twitter account, it is hard to decide which ones to follow. So, here is a list of the top celebrities to follow on twitter.