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sergey brin

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Top 10 Tech Breakthroughs That Led To Immense Wealth

Top 10 Tech Breakthroughs That Led To Immense Wealth

These innovations did not only make our life easier but also made their inventors very wealthy. Here are the top 10 tech breakthroughs that led to immense wealth.

Top 10 tech billionaires

Can you imagine life without Google, Facebook, or internet shopping, etc.? We’d become paralysed without these life essentials. Their creators are undoubtedly genius people, whose efforts have given the world easier access to knowledge and information, laying before us virtually the whole world. Their prosperity is but the logical outcome […]

Top 10 Jewish Computer Scientists

One of the most noticeable characteristics of Jewish people is that they are surpassingly innovative and intelligent. Wherever they've gone, whatever they've done, they've been, no doubt, widely appreciated. And talking about the realm of computer science, we have witnessed some brainiac of Jewish fraternity who are, till the date, dominating the wide landscape of computer and Internet. Here are ten most notable Jewish computer scientists, best known for shaping the field of computer by their radical innovations and ideas.

Top 10 people behind the Google

To be very honest, Google is the single most knock-down and large-hearted entity in existence today. Moreover, a common Internet user respects this piece of algorithm even more than God. Well, religion is slumping and technology is rising. Digging into this topic, TopYaps lists ten actual people those who are involved in running the God. Know about these blokes and wait for our another topic - "Top 10 reasons why Google is better than God."