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self esteem

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Top 10 Qualities Which Should be Possessed by Youngsters

Since time immemorial people have held a belief that every subsequent generation is different from the present. No single generation identifies itself with another; there is a so-called generation gap. Time is relentlessly moving forward. Although we feel that there is absolutely no need to look back but sometimes, we should take a pause and think about the direction we are heading in.

Top 10 reasons to donate to charity

The English dictionary defines charity as the voluntary giving of help, in many cases charity is monetary and is often fulfilling for the person who makes the donation. In today's world where there are so many needy and underprivileged people, donating to charity is considered a noble act. It is imperative that we try and be of service to another fellow man. Charity does not always imply the giving away of money, one can give away anything to someone in need. People donate cars, books, clothes and even food in the name of charity and it also has its own benefits. It is not always that a person can afford charity but as a citizen of this world one should always look to give when they have more than what they need. Let us now look at the top ten reasons to donate to charity.