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Top 10 Reasons Why Indian Movies Can’t Make To The Oscars

Nothing else can be laid down as a foundation for this embarrassment that continues unabated year after year. We have fallen for our false pride and are continuing to do so till date, all unapologetic. Here are ten reasons why Indian movies can’t make it to the Oscars.

Top 10 unbroken codes

Day by day computer geeks are trespassing the parameters of its limitation and are evolving new concepts as they are merely a fun-to-do job. Algo, code, encryption, decryption and blah blah blah.....guys are just nerd in manipulating and figuring out riddle after riddle. Yet, there are some hidden meanings behind certain scripts, waiting for their decipherment. Still, they are far-off from the realm of blokes. Below are ten of the most renowned.