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romeo and juliet

romeo and juliet News

Top 10 Most Famous Plays of All Time

Although the modern times are times of cinema and multiplexes, the intrigue of watching a live performance on Broadway has its own charm.

Top 10 Shakespearean lines to say to your love

Top 10 Shakespearean lines to say to your love

The Bard of Avon, Shakespeare, is not just the greatest English poet and playwright in English Literature but is infact one of the best romantic writers of all times. His words have a seducing, tempting and charismatic effect which if used in the right context with the right mix of feelings can make one’s beloved go warm and fuzzy within.

Top 10 Love Stories Based Movies That Make You Cry

Love stories make you smile, soothe your soul, cause you to dream and often make you cry! Look around there will certainly be a love story or two budding amidst two souls. It has been observed that there is an unmistakable and unfading appeal to stories of love but what is it which makes the entire world a sucker for a good love story?

Top 10 plays of William Shakespeare

There is something magical about this legend because throughout the genre of English literature, he is the one and only one who can convey us away of the confined universalities of words. Somewhat justified, TopYaps introduces a list of ten powerful plays of William Shakespeare that are capable to make you think the extent of human brain's imagination.