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Awesome teacher

23 Reasons Why Young Teachers Rock

"They use 'What the F*ck' just like us."

6 Blues Bands that Delhi Blues Lovers Should Know About

Blues is music of the heart. It comes straight from the heart and holds such emotions that touch the cords of the listener's heart.

Top 10 songs of The Doors

The Doors was formed in 1965 and since then they have put out some of psychedelic rock’s most memorable tunes. Their songs are still selling around the world as new listeners of rock music pick up on their blend of blues and psychedelic rock.

Top 10 rock bands of all time

Rock music began in the 1960s at a time when musicians were looking to explore new areas other than just the usual romantic themes. The roots of rock music go back to the 1940s rock and roll music besides it is also heavily influenced by folk, blues and jazz. The […]