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13 Strange Sex Related Rituals From Around The World

A woman can have sex with her brother-in-laws!

15 Strange Rituals That Take Place In India

These are some strange rituals and beliefs.

Worst rituals

12 Death Rituals From Across The World Which Are Hard To Believe

What's 'weird' to one is 'way of life' to another.


8 Lesser-Known Places In India That Follow Bizarre Customs

India has many villages and each village follows rituals, customs and traditions that are not known to a lot of people. It is interesting to know that despite us being in the 21st century, certain age-old traditions still persist. Let’s refresh our knowledge with a few facts of our country […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Atheism is Just Another Religion

Atheists are people who believe that there is no God, and also deny the existence of any supernatural power that guides mankind. But atheists, too, have faith. They vest their faith in human ability and accept only that, which is supported by scientific evidence.