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Red Wedding

Red Wedding News

Killing in GOT

The Most Violent Show Ever: Game Of Thrones Can Beat Any Other Epic In Killing Spree Category Hands Down

Okay, this video will make a fan relive and relish the bloodbaths so common to the franchise based on George RR Martin’s high-fantasy tale.

Game of Thrones Season 4 trailer

The Latest Trailer Of Game Of Thrones Season 4 Ensures That Thrill Will Reach A New Height

The latest trailer is outlining the upcoming storm in the irregular tale of the Seven Kingdoms. However only episodes will decide the regular happenings -- dooming heroes, bouncing b**bs, shrewd companions and of course, full-grown dragons.

6 reasons why Red Wedding in Game of Thrones was inevitable

6 Reasons Why Red Wedding in Game of Thrones Was Inevitable

Last night, the Red Wedding tragedy that many Game of Thrones fans knew was coming finally took place. Read on to find out why Red Wedding was inevitable