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rani lakshmi bai

rani lakshmi bai News

Top 10 Most Beautiful Princesses in Indian History

When you hear the word princess, among other things you imagine them to be beautiful and sophisticated. Here’s a list of some of the most beautiful princesses from Royal India.

Top 10 Greatest Warriors in Indian History

India is proud to be home to the valiant warriors who set new paradigms for the rest to follow in every era. These warriors were not only exemplary when it came to close-combat but also drafted brilliant strategies that are still very much applicable.

Top 10 Famous Female Warriors In World History

The profession of war is generally dominated by men, but there have been certain women who overshadowed this traditional convention by their extra-ordinary capabilities and marked their significance. Here are ten famous female warriors who displayed their courageousness in the sector, which is considered as a no-go area for them.