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prince william

prince william News

Prince William Appears on the Cover of Attitude, a Gay Magazine

He is the first Royal family member in history to do so.

Top 10 Hottest Royal Couples

Members of royal families make it big time in news when they get married. It is difficult to not know which royal is tying a knot and with whom.

Top 10 photos of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

No doubt, it is always a great deal when two prominent societal figures tie the knot. But this deal was not like a common 'great deal.' It was bigger, it was something else and more importantly it was about an eternal tradition, fanatically attached with the emotions of Britishers. Recently, entire world witnessed an event which rarely passes off. The hot-shot couple of Prince William and Kate Middleton cooked a global event after tying knots on April 29, 2011. From the majestic moment of this wedding ceremony, Topyaps brings ten photos which are worth a thousand words.