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Top 10 Bizarre Medical Conditions

From hairy-eyeballs, star shaped cataracts to some weird delusions and irresistible urge to eat anything, that’s in front of you; there are uncountable cases that can leave you in shock for a couple of days. Here are some of the weirdest medical conditions that are very uncommon but seriously have a long lasting impact over you.

Top 10 weird diseases

Diseases or outbreaks of diseases are always a worry for everyone. The world has seen countless epidemics which have not only taken lives but also changed the way people live in many ways. While there are many diseases that we still do not have a cure for, a lot of progress has been made by medical science in many areas. The world has many different diseases which continue to baffle people and scientists alike. Weird diseases have a knack of surprising people with the many different mutations and forms. Here is a look at some of the weirdest diseases.