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1D fans

One Direction Fans Get Comfort From An Unlikely Source – Stephen Hawking

‘Finally, a question about something important.’

Top 10 Theoretical Physicists

Top 10 Theoretical Physicists

Although a lot still has to be answered, our understanding so far has been improved a lot by dedicated theoretical physicists around the world. It's hard to rank these scientists in any objective way and all we can have our personal subjective outlooks. Here's such a list of my personal favorite physicists.

Top 10 Mind-blowing Facts about Physics

The contribution of Physics in unraveling mysteries of the universe and its constituents has been tremendous and greatly remarkable. Discoveries made by the Physicists over the years have helped us a great deal in understanding both micro and macro cosmos.

Top 10 physicists of all time

Physics deals with analyzing all of nature to help us better understand the universe that we live in. Besides being one of the oldest quests of man, knowing and understanding how things work is a basic need of the world as it is today. Physicists everywhere have always tried to […]