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paris hilton

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Top 10 Must Have Dresses For Spring Summer 2013

The fashion world is abuzz with these styles and you are surely missing out if these dresses are not part of your wardrobe this Spring Summer 2013.

Publicity earners and sometimes notorious, party celebs always remain the highest selling people. So, here’s a list of the top 10 party crazy celebrities in the world.

Top 10 Party-Crazy Celebrities in the World

We love and hate party celebrities, all at the same time. Love comes from the glamour, glitz and the gossip that keeps every party hip; and hate because no matter how vile these parties seem, we all wish to go crazy dancing and wasting ourselves once in a while.

Top 5 scandalous quotes

Top 5 scandalous quotes

Celebrities are always on the radar of media for whatever they say or do. Some of them are laureled for their noble gestures whereas some are damned for their lousy acts. Here are top 5 scandalous quotes of famous celebrities which tainted their public images drastically. 5. Paris Hilton & Jason Shaw […]