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10 Sci-fi Inventions That Have Come True

10 Sci-fi Inventions That Have Come True

There are many devices and technologies today that in a way show that we are already living in a sci-fi world. Let's look at some such inventions that were born through science fiction.

Top 10 Fantasy Writers of All Time

If you disagree with anything about this list, please remember that this is after all, personal opinion. So here are the top 10 fantasy writers of all time.

Top 10 Books Dealing With Existentialist Ideas

Existentialists are those late 19th- and 20th-century philosophers who believe that philosophical thinking begins with individual.

Top 10 Novels That Made Their Way To The Silver Screen

Movie makers have been constantly borrowing ideas from classics or bestselling novels and manipulating them to come up with outstanding cinema. At least 20-30 movies released every year across the world are based on books.

Top 10 greatest Russian writers of all time

Top 10 Greatest Russian Writers of All Time

Poems, novels and short stories of Russian writers occupy a special place in the world of classics. Given below is a handpicked list of the top 10 greatest Russian writers of all times. Read on to know them!

Top 10 fictional detectives of all time

To be sure, the genre of private eye is widely adored by almost every book lover. However, it was a tough job to list up the in-depth characterisation of ten detectives working behind the curtains but eventually I followed my own taste. Check out this page of TopYaps to explore that whether your super spy makes this list or not.