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Best books of Arundhati Roy

5 Books Of Arundhati Roy You Need On Your Bookshelf

If you have not yet laid your hands on books of Arundhati Roy, this post will help you choose which ones to read.

Top 10 Love Stories Based Movies That Make You Cry

Love stories make you smile, soothe your soul, cause you to dream and often make you cry! Look around there will certainly be a love story or two budding amidst two souls. It has been observed that there is an unmistakable and unfading appeal to stories of love but what is it which makes the entire world a sucker for a good love story?

Top 10 controversial writers

Throughout the history, lot of people have preferred to convey their intellect and thoughts through literature. It's a sure fact that writers are heavily tempted by the society as well as the social context, but it's a matter of fact that some time, some authors are rejected by the same society for exploring its hidden aspects. TopYaps lists ten controversial writers who conveyed their opinions through books and novels, but were labelled as disputatious.

Top 10 amazing coincidences

Chance, fate or a preplanned strategy of supernatural forces...I am shaking a bit, while writing this storming article. However, there are endless bizarre coincidences, which somehow relates our life butthis page of Topyaps is depicting the ten most amazing coincidences - "Beyond the law of probability" and which goes like this:


Top 5 Last Entertainments

But not the least.