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Nostradamus News

10 Overrated People In History Who Are Hailed For No Reason

Some people became popular for nothing.

Top 10 Accurate Predictions That Baffled Those Who Don’t Believe in Prophecies

Talking about the future the thing we all like doing perhaps because it is thrilling to know something beforehand. Though, we strive to make and change our future for the better, there are chances when something perceived turns out true, maybe to our chagrin.

Top 10 doomsday predictions that failed

Say it a business strategy or an attempt to increase the toll of fanatic followers, but the prophecies about the doomsday have always baffled people across the world. Well, there is nothing to worry about hatched hoaxes made by some pseudo-Gods. Live your life to extent, enjoy your day, read this post and wait for the upcoming prophecy of 2012.