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Mistakes to avoid

Don’t Make These 16 Silly Mistakes On Your Wedding Night

Don't jump on the bed right away and start undressing.

Haunted Thoughts That Scare Us At Night

Let's be honest: we all get haunted thoughts sometimes during our sleep. It's a state of mind that we cannot control and it starts getting onto your nerves.

Top 10 Most Common Rules We Love to Break

Rules are meant to bring law, order and discipline in one’s life and society. Rules are what form the basis of a culture or a tradition; they differentiate human from other species. We create rules to define and judge our acts. But, do we follow every rule that we make? We make or break rules as per convenience and accord.

Top 10 things you should do in your college life

College life is an exciting period in any person’s life. It is a great platform to decide what direction your life after college is going to take and it is also one of civilized life’s great privileges. It is also a great opportunity for a lot of people to begin on a journey of self discovery and it is here that a lot of people find themselves.