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negative News

10 Steps to Kick Depression Out of Your Life

In the modern era depression appears to spread like a epidemic. Loss of hope makes your daily life worse and you feel that you start feeling that nothing can be done to make yourself cope up with the situation.

Top 10 Reasons Why Social Networking is a Waste of Time

With the advent of internet, we’re introduced to a variety of social networking sites like Facebook. The big canvases of communication individually attract and influence us.

Top 10 Reasons Why We Miss the 90s Shah Rukh Khan

I can still recollect my teenage days, when I happened to see the movie Deewana, along with my family. It was amazing to see the audience reaction, that too, for an average-looking newcomer. But it was just the beginning; the success story of Shah Rukh Khan unfolded much later.

Top 10 Signs You’re a Narrow Minded Person

Narrow-minded people are not evil. They just have a limited sphere of thinking. While some of these people become narrow-minded after being exposed to harsh realities of life, others just lack education, varied experiences and most importantly – unconditional acceptance and love they deserve.