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National School of Drama

National School of Drama News

Top 10 Theater Actors Who Made It To Bollywood

Not only did they earn fame for themselves in the commercial world (and parallel cinema), but also proved theater artists can be good (and successful) actors on the celluloid.

Top 10 Best Acting Schools In The World

Although, there are numerous acting schools worldwide, be it in the US, UK, France, Russia, India or Australia, the list gives ‘more’ weight to the acting schools where English is used as a language-of-dialogue, i.e. in American, English, Australian and Indian schools. Here is a list of top 10 best acting schools in the world.

Top 10 Acting Schools in India

Acting, a form of art, has been the most appreciated after music by many Indians and there is indeed a whole breed of cinema buffs that’re passionate about making a career in Bollywood or become famous on the stage.