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Napoleon News

7 Greatest Strategists In Military History

7 Greatest Strategists In Military History

The generals who formed the strategy during battles are usually considered heroes because their cunning and astute thinking is what wins wars. Let's look at 7 of the greatest military leaders who were known for their strategies.

Top 10 Famous Superstitious People You Never Had Thought Were

No matter how modern humans become, superstitions still govern some aspects of our lives. They range from being quirky about a lucky pair of pants or a lucky color for a handkerchief to outright silly stuff like a high degree of belief in omens or feline superstitions that are harbored by almost everyone.

Top 10 Historical Warriors Who Defined Ballsiness

The chronicles of history are filled with ballsy people; people who were very brave and intimidating to their opponents, often to the extent of brutality. There have been scores of hard-core toughies who have gone all out and

Top Ten French movies

A close look into French cinematic history reveals an impressive array of unforgettable French movies that have reflected the aspects of humanity in distinctive styles. A strong plot, relatable characters and a distinguishable spirit helped raise these movies to the status of a classic.