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Telecom Department To Make Local-Language Support In Mobiles Mandatory

The regulations are expected to be implemented in 3-4 months.

cellphone trees

Hello! These Are Not Silent Trees, They Help Make The World Talk

Did the title confuse you? Well, it was meant to. let us explain. Cellphone companies are trying to be very creative and are using natural stuff such as trees to hide their nefarious designs. They are erecting cellphone towers which look like trees only to make the surrounding look natural […]

Top 10 Banned Things Prisoners Easily Get in Jail

You would think that an American prison is the last place where a criminal or a convict or even an undertrial would resort to improper activities, wouldn’t you? Contrary to popular belief a lot of activities take place in a prison posing serious questions over its relevance.

Top 10 Necessary Evils For You in Life

Sometimes we tend to do all kinds of wrong things and get away by deeming them as necessary in life. Such things, which are necessary but largely considered unacceptable and evil, are termed as “necessary evils”.