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In Just Five Years, All Public Services Will Be Available On Your Phone

It is a priority initiative of the Modi Government.

Top 10 Ways to Escape if Caught Alone by a Bunch of Foes

It’s never a pleasant feeling to get trapped in a place full of people you would rather wish had never stepped into your life. But that’s what life is about, isn’t it? Throwing you into soupy situations constantly! So, what if you come face-to-face with people who you would perhaps best describe as your foes?

Top 10 Greatest Modern Day Man-Made Creations

The point in time where we stand successfully today can only be credited to the technological inventions over the years. In particular, the modern day man-made creations have made it hassle free for the human race to climb the ladder of success unlike in the past.

Top 6 Gifts that your Dad Will Love

Telling your dad you love him, is not like telling your mom you love her. You can hug your mom more often; kiss her and behave like a baby in her presence.