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Mir Jafar

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6 Greatest Cowards In Indian History

6 Greatest Cowards In Indian History

Despite this all, and our history being much distorted, we do have names of some who qualify as cowards. In fact, the numbers are huge, much larger than you must have first thought of.

7 Betrayals By The Biggest Traitors In History

There have been many traitors in history who have betrayed those closest to them or who have betrayed their own nations.

Top 10 Cases Which May Shame People Like Brutus

‘Et tu Brute’, the Shakespearean expression, has become synonymous for treachery and betrayal from near and dear ones, and history is littered with incidents where for power, money or love, humans have stooped low to achieve their objectives by deceit.

Top 10 Big-Time Liars Who Are Damned Even Today

The human history has witnessed various incidents when few lies changed the course of events for the world to experience. Although lies are always short-lived, they usually wield enough strength to maneuver the weak soles. There have been many examples ranging from the times of Garden of Eden to Nazi’s mission against Jews that were based on hard core lies.