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michael jackson

michael jackson News

When Jackson Mashes Up With Bachchan, THIS Is What Happens!!

It's peppy, crazy and absolutely hilarious!

Spider Man Return This Time With His Baby Me In A Water Commercial Of Evion

Watch Spider-Man Dance Like Michael Jackson With His Baby Avatar In This Commercial

The Amazing Spider-Man is getting far ahead from the movies and games. A very creative Evian spring water ad shows Spider-Man dancing with a baby version of himself. This cute commercial has brought smiles on the faces of millions of fans. That is really a quick-fix till the time Spider-Man […]

7 Insanely Popular Poster Boys Around The World

7 Insanely Popular Poster Boys Around The World

They still rule of hearts of millions of people, young and old. Below is a list of top 7 insanely popular poster boys around the world. Read along!

Top 10 Artists who Kicked Away Glamour to Live a Reclusive Life

Artists that command raised popularity levels and pompous lives often find themselves losing out on the real meaning of life. They feel alienated despite having countless followers and so called well wishers. The ever rising quench to find the real inner-self overcomes their desire to rule the world.

Top 10 reasons to hate Justin Bieber

I had been hearing the name Justin Bieber for quite some time now but really had no clue about what’s so great about this kid. Well condemn me if you want but I don’t see what the fuss is about really. Perhaps teenagers could for some time get carried away by his superficial cheesy music but more than that I just feel he is plain old lucky to have attained this kind of popularity with the sort of “talent” he has.

Top 10 Pop Songs Of All Time

Pop music or popular music as it is also known is a combination of many styles of music. The essence of pop music is that it appeals to a greater mass of people as compared to other forms of music. It is a derivative of many elements of rock, urban, […]