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Top 10 Sensational Cases of Sting Operations in India

A sting operation is primarily a secret operation carried out by undercover agents to unveil criminal. Around the world sting operations are being conducted by the law enforcement agencies and media organization to apprehend criminals and wrongdoers.

Top 10 famous cases of revenge

Top 10 Famous Acts of Revenge

The Latin saying ‘Nemo Me Impune Lacessit’ which in English means ‘None shall provoke/injure me with impunity' describes human psyche about revenge the best. History has been witness to numerous such events and confrontations.

Top 10 cases of school massacre

People who feel acrimonious and view their surrounding in violent terms, will always act out in some ways. We don't know whether they are "mentally ill" or full with rage, but we're sure that somewhere a monster dwells in their soul. TopYaps lists ten deadliest school massacres with a terrible and unfortunate illustration of mankind.