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martin scorsese

martin scorsese News

Top 10 Famous Scorpios In History

Whatever a Scorpio does, they do it with full conviction and give it their all. They can never do something they don't believe in or don't really want to do. Here we bring to you a list of ten most famous scorpios who, true to their zodiac, contributed a lot and got a lot in return.

Top 10 Most Successful Director-Actor Pairs of Hollywood

Success is a formula that everyone wants to have but only a few can retain. The same can be said for any successful filmmaker-actor pair. Directors and actors often like to repeat a successful experiment.

Top 10 movies of Leonardo DiCaprio

A versatile performer with childish looks and stack of talent, Leonardo DiCaprio needs no introduction in this cinematic world. Regarded as one of the most eminent actor of Hollywood and heart stealer of females around the world, DiCaprio, constitutes a chain of critically acclaimed performances. Have a look here on Topyaps, comprising the ten best movies of this iconic actor.