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Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. News

Dandi March: Why It Was Actually A Big Deal To Make SALT

As one of the most structured revolutionary moments for the Indian independence, Dandi March was a large scale civil revolt against the British Raj in India.

Top 10 People Who Revolutionized the Modern World

History has innumerable instances of revolutions when few individuals transformed the modern world around them. These people did what millions of people put together couldn't have achieved. Their enduring spirit helped a lot in changing insulated views of the society.

Top 10 Activists of Civil Rights Movement

History confirms that Civil Rights Movement would be nothing without the brave women and men who fought their way out for equal rights and liberties. These acclaimed activists and leaders dedicated their lives to fight for civil rights of the people.

Top 10 most powerful political speeches

Everyone knows the power of well chosen words and the impact of powerful political speeches can be seen even now. Throughout history public speaking has inspired people like nothing else and great public speakers have managed to leave their mark behind with their oratory skills.

People who changed the world

Top 10 People Who Changed The World

The revolutionary souls.