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marriages News

This Muslim Girl’s Advice For Everyone Heading For A Marriage Is Going Viral For Good Reasons

Although she is a Brown girl who understands the misery of an arranged marriage in a part of the world which produces maximum love stories for movie lovers, her advice seems to be of intricate importance to even the ones who tie the knot in absolute love. The thing is, […]


15 Tips That Will Make This Indian Wedding Season Stress-free And Fun

Jolly good times when sanskaar meets partying.

Top 10 Ways Saas-Bahu TV Serials are Ruining Indian Culture

Instead of doing something progressive, these serials show a regressive India. Let’s have a look at some of the side-effects of these sagas on the culture we call our own.

Top 10 Reasons Why One Should Avoid Getting Married

Everyone is getting married and you, too, want to jump into the abyss. But is it a necessity. For a minute suppose if the society would not have instituted marriage as a necessity, would you still give it the same importance?

Top 10 shortest celebrity marriages

Marriages they say are made in heaven, but…broken on earth. And who else on the top of the separation list than our own celebrities, most of whom have lost all the sense of moral responsibility their fame binds them with. Given the current divorce rates in many countries, the latter part of the saying is becoming a reality.