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marlon brando

marlon brando News

Top 10 Movies of Marlon Brando You Can’t Refuse to Watch

Very few actors have impacted world cinema in a way the legendary actor from Omaha, US did. Marlon Brando, widely known for his on-screen magnetism and “mumbling” diction is regarded as one of the greatest actors born in the 20th century.

Top 10 Pleasures We Get After Watching the Godfather Trilogy

The Godfather Trilogy is one set of classic films that appears on most people top rated movies. The trilogy is so fantastically adapted from the novel and brilliantly played by the actors that it has already been decorated amply.

Top 10 Most Successful Director-Actor Pairs of Hollywood

Success is a formula that everyone wants to have but only a few can retain. The same can be said for any successful filmmaker-actor pair. Directors and actors often like to repeat a successful experiment.