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6 Trekking Spots To Consider When In Himachal Pradesh

From the domestic hill tours of Dharamshala to the challenging tracks of Spiti, there are six major trekking spots to consider when in Himachal Pradesh.

The 7 Best Ski Destinations In India

So here’s presenting the list of 7 best ski destinations in India, where you can spend the best time of your life and create memorable experiences by indulging in your favorite sports!

Top 10 Places In India For Cold Weather Lovers

For those who love the cold weather there are lots of options to choose from in India. It all depends on your budget and the time of the year you want to visit a hill station. Here are the top 10 places in India for cold weather lovers.

Top 10 New Year destinations

Top 10 New Year destinations in India

Here below we have compiled for your help a list of top 10 New Year destinations in India, which you can select from and trip to, depending on the type of place you want to visit this winter. Hit the jump to read on for the destination of your choice.