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Los Angeles

Los Angeles News

Anchorman In LA

An Earthquake Jolts The Wits Out Of This Anchorman. Is Will Ferrell Jealous?

Will Ferrell may have not been able to pull this expression of in such a situation.

Top 10 famous streets in the world

Famous streets in the world are so because of the landmarks associated with them. Although roads lead to destinations, not all roads have the authenticity to call themselves “famous”. Be it the famous Louvre in Paris or the Historic Buckingham Palace in London, some roads are lucky to be able to lead the humanity towards some of man’s mind-blowing creations that speak volumes of a culture’s history as well as modernization.

Top 10 cities to visit in United States

Some common names that should come to your mind when thinking of the United States are Wall Street, Disney World, Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, the Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon and White House.