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Little Girl

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Adele Singing

Listen Adele, You Have Competition And It Is From A 10-Year-Old Girl

You and I love Adele’s singing. Her voice is indeed very powerful, lending a touch of class to the lyrics and the composition of her songs.

This Little Girl Teaches Us What We Are Missing In Life. She Also Shows Us A Path

This video might bring out an “awww” from you. Of course, the toddler is very cute and her joy as she feels the raindrops on her little hands is heavenly. But she also teaches us a simple lesson – we have stopped feeling the beauty of nature. There must have […]


Little Lamby Loves Little Lady: This Video Of OneRepublic Song ‘Counting Stars’ Will Make Your Cry

What this video evokes is myriad of feelings – of longing, of love and of determination. Go ahead and spend the next three minutes in a different world.