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Britains Got Talent

Auditions For Britain’s Got Talent Can Be Nerve-Wracking But A Nine-Year-Old Overcomes It

On a stage where even the sturdiest of people break down while performing, Malaki Paul was not expected to show something extraordinary.

8 Best Songs To Listen While Solving Math Problems

It has been scientifically proven that listening to music while solving math problems is a good way to improve results. Music is said to help in activating certain areas of the brain that are used in solving math problems.

Top 10 Songs to Listen while Reading a Book

Snuggling up in a blanket with a book and music playing in the background is perhaps one of the best ways to experience moments of bliss in this choc-a-block life of ours. While books open the doors to unknown and mysterious worlds; music enriches the journey through them.

Top 10 Tips to Deal With a Professor You Don’t Like

Professors are scholarly teachers, and they need to be at the best of the behavior and attitude when they are in a class or on the school/college campus, because students will look up to them and idealize them.